Performance Training In Coeur d'Alene

Strong. Confident. Capable.

Become the athlete you’ve always wanted to be.
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Build Strength & Confidence

Confident athletes perform better on and off the field.

Develop Speed & Power

These are the two most common requests from athletes & parents. We make this happen.

Improve Your Performance

With your newly developed confidence, strength, & speed, your performance has no choice but to improve.

We Have Options For Every Athlete

Junior Varsity

JV is our middle school program. It’s designed to develop athletes in preparation for high school sports.
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Middle School Sports Performance in Coeur d'Alene


Varsity is designed for high school athletes that want a competitive edge on the field.
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High School Sports Performance in Coeur d'Alene

Personal Training

One-on-one coaching tailored to you and your goals. This is also our only option for adults.
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Personal Training in Coeur d'Alene

Getting Started Is Easy


Meet With A Coach

We learn about your goals & show you which program is best for you.

Choose Your Membership

We have different membership options within each program.

Empower Your Athlete

Give your kid the chance to become the best athlete they can be.

Trusted And Loved By Hundreds Of Coeur d'Alene Residents

Everything Your Athlete Needs To Get Better

Small Groups & Team Training

Direct Application To Their Sport

Easy Scheduling

Conveniently Located


Our athletes are special. They love being here and we love having them.

We know many athletes struggle with their confidence on the field. We empower them to move past this.

Over the years we've coached hundreds of athletes.

We don’t believe in quick fixes or gimmicks. We care about our athlete’s long-term success above all else.

On Government Way just south of Prairie Ave.

Training isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Northland Strength is easily accessible from all of Dalton Gardens.

7680 N Government Way Suite 3, Dalton Gardens, ID 83815
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Questions? We (probably) have the answers!

Do you provide free refreshments there?
Do I have to be fit to join?
What payment methods do you accept?
What kind of movements/exercises can I expect?
Do I have to stop eating my favorite foods?

Still curious? Talk to us!

“Training is like moving a big pile of dirt. Some days you get a shovel, some days you get a spoon. But as long as you get to move a little dirt every day, you’re moving toward your goal.” John Welbourn

Meet With A Coach
Meet With A Coach
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