Bands For Strength Training

Jared Mielke
July 20, 2021

The volume of coaches I see adding bands to movements for "resistance" or "distraction" is upsetting. Especially with young athletes.

More often than not, if you watch other videos of the same athletes, they don't move that well before adding the band.

Making it harder just because isn't going to help them nearly as much as teaching them safe and effective patterns would.

This is just like the cross country coach I saw last year yelling at their athletes while they struggled to do horrible looking planks facing up and down a hill.

"If you don't get up we're going to go for 3 minutes..."

Here’s the truth- If the athlete can't finish the first minute properly, making them do 3 won't help.

Just like the bands. If they don't move well without it, adding a band isn't the answer.

Bands do have a place in training and can be a great tool. But adding them just because it’s harder isn’t the appropriate application.

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