Nutrition For Athletes

Jared Mielke
July 20, 2021

One of the biggest roadblocks we see for our athletes is the food they eat (or don’t).

They start training hoping to step up their performance and gain all of the benefits that go along with that.

Showing up to train is a huge piece to improving their performance.

Skipping on proper nutriion can counter act their attempt at progress in the gym though.

When kids first start training with us we ask them about what they eat for breakfast. We typically hear answers like “nothing” or “some cereal”.

Things like Pop-tarts, granola bars and cereal aren’t neccessarily bad, they can fill a gap if you need some calories.

But when they are considered a meal or an adequate breakfast we have a problem.  

To optimize your training, you need to hit the basics hard. Things like nutrition, sleep, and recovery are no longer optional.

Most people would agree all of these are very important, but young athletes often overlook nutrition more than the others.

When we start to have these conversations with our athletes, they often realize it for the first time.

And it’s crazy to see the changes in them 2 or 3 months after they start eating enough protein and overall calories to fuel their training.

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