The Lie Of Sports Specialization

Jared Mielke
July 20, 2021

Tiger Woods is an amazing athlete. But that doesn't mean your kid needs to do what he did to be successful. At least not what you think he did.

He was dragging a putter around as an infant and poured his entire life into being the best golfer he could be. And this did create his success.

However, I have a sneaky suspicion that he would have been great at whatever sport he chose. His genetics, his personality, the support of his family and the opportunities they created would have propelled him no matter the chosen sport or profession.

Parents often adopt this same mindset for their athletes. Leading them to believe they have to pour everything into 1 sport to be successful. To get that scholarship or go pro.

But the truth here is quite the opposite.

If you look at professional athletes across all sports, many of them play as a pro in a sport they didn't play growing up.

The large majority were multi sport high school athletes, or at least only played their sport seasonally allowing for periods of rest or trying other fun things that kids enjoy.

And many had scholarship opportunities in more than one sport.

Here's a list of some of the greatest athletes that have ever played their respective game. They all played multiple sports:

Lebron James
Tony Gonzales
Joe Montana
Dwayne Wade
John Elway
Junior Seau
Mark McGuire
Bo Jackson
John Lynch
Jerry Rice

These are only a few but you get the idea. None of them had the perceived Tiger Woods program growing up.

Forcing your kids to focus on only one sport at an early age will likely impede their potential more than anything else.

The rates of both sports injuries and burn out for young athletes are climbing fast.

Athletes are athletes. They need to develop and express their athleticism.

This is best accomplished by a combination of sports, recovery time, and developing coordination and strength.

To create the greatest opportunity for your athlete, give them some down time and let them try new sports.

As far as the coordination and strength pieces go, we've got you covered.

PS. Tiger woods was relentless with his training in the gym and played multiple sports for athletic development, fun, and relaxation....

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